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So I feel alittle better today but am trying to not get hopes up until Thursday at u/s but today DH and I had sex and I had no spotting.... With our loss in feb we had sex on sun with a tiny bit of bleeding but I knew that can be normal so I didn't worry and on that wed we found out the baby had no hb and other than that spotting I had so symptoms of mc.. So this time I was alittle nervous but was relieved to have no spotting.... Fingers crossed for Thursday

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Re: Mini milestone

  • Glad there's no spotting this time out.  Try to keep reminding yourself that this is a brand new pregnancy.  It's completely different and will hopefully have a completely different outcome.

    But, FTW, at 29 weeks, I still check the TP every time I wipe.   :\">

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  • Yea for mini milestones. I haven't had any spotting this pregnancy but had it early on last time and the week before we lost our daughter. I know sex is fine and safe (I haven't been put on pelvic rest or anything), but I still get a little panicky every time I go pee afterwards. Seeing no pink is always such a relief!
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