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Hcg question

I had 2 hcg levels done last week at. I'm 4w6d. My levels were 400 on Monday and 915 Wednesday. Do you know if low or non-doubling hcg levels would correlate to a mc due to chromosomal abnormalities?

The reason I'm asking is because I had a mmc in April at 7.5 weeks and the doctor believes it was due to chromosomal abnormalities. I know anything can happen at any time, but I'm freaking out and really hope my numbers are an indication of good things to come.

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    Those betas are not low for where you are in your pregnancy and they doubled quite nicely between Monday and Wednesday. I don't know the correct medical answer, but can share my experiences from my last pregnancy as it ended due to chromosomal abnormalities. My betas during that pregnancy were right in line and doubling appropriately. There are some scans that can tell you about abnormalities, but I'm pretty sure betas don't give any indication of them. All they can tell you. Is whether the pregnancy is progressing appropriately at the moment.

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  • Thanks. From the charts I've looked at, my numbers are really good. I was more asking if my numbers meant something good. I'm beginning to think getting betas is a waste of time because they don't really tell you much .
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