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We've had a lot of rain and wind here the last week, and unfortunately I haven't been feeling great so our pool got a little neglected and ended up with an algea bloom.  No big deal, it can be taken care of.

Mom came over today to help me get in and scrub the pool sides down and vacuum it, we were out there for 2ish hours cleaning the pool so the filter and such could do their job better.  I was covered head to toe in SPF 75 sun screen meant for use while swimming, and reapplied after an hour.  Regardless of how much sun screen I use I still end up buring (the joys of having fair skin and red hair), but that aside, omg was I ever in pain after getting out of the water.  Having the bump almost weightless for that long and then coming out and having that pressure come back fast....Wow, it did not even occur to me that it might cause that much discomfort lol.

So, lesson learned, don't stay in the pool that long without getting out for short periods between or the bump will feel like it weighs way more than it really does and discomfort will last for a while >.<

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Re: Ow Ow Ow

  • I actually just came back from a quick beach vacation, and spent hours in the pool at our hotel (in addition to time on the beach). I swear I put sunscreen on multiple times and I still ended up burnt. My mom said the same thing happened to her when she was pregnant with my sister. And I wasn't prepared for the weight of the bump to come back so quickly after getting out of the water. I was shocked!
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  • I love getting in the pool, but I hate getting out for that heavy feeling. So sorry you both got burnt!
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  • I love being In water ... I take a noodle to the lake and will float for hours. Boo for getting all wrinkly and having to come out :(
    Hope your burn isn't too bad, aloe Vera aloe Vera!!
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