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How long did you bleed after D&C

The subject pretty much says it all, I'm wondering how long I might expect to bleed following my D&C.  The first day and a half seemed to be mostly blood and tissue leftover from the procedure itself, but yesterday it started being more like a period flow.  I'm wondering how long it will continue like this.  Thanks.



BFP#2:  EDD 2/11/14, MMC confirmed 7/15/13 (growth stopped at 6 weeks), D&C @ 12 weeks 7/25/13

Re: How long did you bleed after D&C

  • Everyone is very different. I had an exseptioal case because I bleed for 5 wk post d and c. I had a lot of postop first few days I didn't have much bleeding pain etc..but my 5 day post op I had 3 baseball size clots come out and then consistant bleeding went through 5 pads in an hour called ob went right in...they said my uterus wasn't contracting properly so they gave me methergine to stop bleeding and contract uterus....that sucked really bad its like having contractions without a baby at the end....then still bleed after that maybe a 0ad or so a day. Then at 4 wk or so went back because still bleeding. Then did blood work took sample of uterus and fluid inside luckily nothing wrong that ....but finally after 5 wk the bleeding stopped. Af came at 8wk post op....again sorry for your loss..hope this info is helpful
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