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Great Update but still worried

So the nurse called yesterday my numbers looked good from 296 to 600 and my progestrone went from 9 to 17 with only taking the pills for 2 days.  She told me these were excellent results. I felt very good about things yesterday however today I'm back to feeling nervous and poking at my chest wondering why there not as sore today. I'm only a few days into this and I'm driving myself crazy. Is it normal to have a fluctuation in symptoms so early on? 
Anyway ladies thanks so much for reading. 

Re: Great Update but still worried

  • Symptoms do fluctuate quite a bit. I would have a few days where I would feel good and then the next day I would be so tired and nauseous.  I know it's hard, but hang in there, it does get better! ((hugs))

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  • My symptoms at first were so up and down! Its totally normal and especially with those great numbers I wouldn't worry! Lack of symptoms is no good for PgAl brain though!

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  • Symptoms definitely come and's awful for PgAL brain.
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  • Thanks so much ladies you've made me feel a little better about feeling good. Lol I know its dumb but I can't help myself. The nurse is calling tomorrow to set up an ultrasound, so I'm looking forward to that.
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