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Food Allergy vs Eczema

LO developed a rash on his face a couple days after eating peas. I thought maybe it was infant acne (since he never really had infant acne) but after a full serving of peas his back and chest now have a rash as well. His ped wasn't convinced that it was from the peas but he has always had very clear skin never dry patches, baby acne, nothing. Has anyone experienced any food allergies linked to eczema or rashes? Looking for some natural remedies and or products to purchase to clear up his skin. 


Re: Food Allergy vs Eczema

  • My LO developed eczema a couple weeks ago. I couldnt pin point anything specific as to why she developed it. It first started off as her just having red hot cheeks and then she got the bumps weeks later. They are only on her cheeks and some on her ears so I guess that is why allergy was never brought up by my doc. They just gave me some samples of cream to put on her cheeks . I dont really see any improvment yet though. Cetaphil is the name of the lotion. You can find it otc.
  • My DS has eczema that flares up on his face really bad from dairy. If I eat dairy (I BF) or if I give him any purées with dairy his skin is red, dry and itchy. His face, caudal thighs and back of his arms show it the worst. It takes several days to a week to clear up. I don't use any products on his skin, it just tends to make it worse, even if its supposed to be for eczema.
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    DD and DS both get eczema from their food allergies. The derm recommended Cerave cream (the one that comes in the tub) and cleanser. They are super moisture rich, you can find it at Walmart or Target, and it works well at clearing up the dry patches and helping to prevent future flareups.
  • aquaphor for excema


  • aquaphor for excema

    This! Also, dabs of hydrocortisone cream on the bad spots.

  • I've been using generic eucerin and it works great. I use the original kind that is very thick and rich.
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