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Serum hcg levels

So I had my levels checked at work. I was having bad pgal brain and I asked my friend in the lab to run my level. I had a reading of 30000 at 6 weeks 3 days. Anyone have your hcg level that far along? I don't know weather to be scarred or not. My rational nurse brain is saying yes it is okay. But pgal brain has taken over and I can't think straight.

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Re: Serum hcg levels

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    One number can't tell you much but it looks like a good, strong number for where you are for sure. But at this stage of the game bloodwork really isn't going to tell you much. An ultrasound will be much better at giving you an idea of how well your pregnancy is progressing. Good luck! FWIW, I do think your hCG is promising.

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    Being that you didn't have multiple draws its hard to say. But the HCG draw I had was 22k and that was right around 6 weeks.
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