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Encouragement? Anybody? lol..

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6 wks tomorrow with my second pregnancy. My first pregnancy wasn't exactly ideal. I had HG with home health & PICC line for most of it & ended with an emergency c-section because baby was breech & out of fluid. This round I've decided to see a midwife, use their birthing facility (an hour and a half away) and try to VBAC naturally. I have spoken with the midwife on the phone but won't meet in person until next Friday. Until then, I'm trying to reassure myself that this is right. I feel confident in their abilities, I know I don't want another C-section but I still have that little part of me that is SCARED to death! 

Re: Encouragement? Anybody? lol..

  • I think it's normal to be scared. I say stick with your current decision until you meet with the midwife.  You have no reason to change your mind before then.  After you meet with her you can opt to reevaluate your options...or not.  Good luck.
  • Congrats!  It's a great instinct - You have a lot of time to learn about them, and to read a lot of positive stories and good books.  

    Good luck!  
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