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Yesterday's Scare...... Today's Update

I was having internet troubles yesterday so didn't have a chance to post to you ladies!! Here's what's been going on: My heart rate has been elevated (around 92bpm for doing no activity), with shortness of breath, chest pains and yesterday when it reached 112 for walking to the bathroom I decided to call my OB. They didn't believe it was hormone related, like I thought, and suggested I call my GP.  He thought it could be anxiety but was concerned of an ectopic pg. I was scared to say the least but several lovely ladies calmed me down last night and I was actually able to sleep!!

Update: U/s showed a single, viable, intrauterine pregnancy!! LO is doing great right at 6 weeks!! HB of 136 bpm and my HCG was 41,000!!!! 
Not sure what is going on with my heart but I've been instructed to stay home and rest over the weekend! My dr said I could lose the baby if I'm under too much stress.  SOOOOooooo going to do everything to keep that from happening!

Please keep me and LO in your T&P!!! Thanks ladies!! 

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Re: Yesterday's Scare...... Today's Update

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    I am so, so happy to see that you had an amazing ultrasound! I just wanted to say, the anxiety is probably a factor for you even if you don't think you feel anxious. I went through something very similar when pregnant with my DS. And to be honest, I DO think it is also related to hormones. There is extra blood, blood flow, etc when pregnant and it can absolutely have an effect on stuff like you described - but coupled with anxiety, I can see why you'd be dealing with that. Try your hardest to practice any kind of relaxation techniques you know of whenever stuff like this happens! : )

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    jhs121jhs121 member
    So glad your LO is doing good!  Take care of yourself and do nothing!

                        We can't wait to meet you, our baby surfer GIRL!!!

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    toomanycats1toomanycats1 member
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    T&Ps to you!  So glad things looked good on the U/S :-)

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    Glad your little one is ok! Feel better soon :)
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    I'm glad LO is okay.  Take care of yourself!

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    km_mdkm_md member
    I'm glad that LO is doing well, and I hope that you get the rest sorted out soon ((hugs))

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