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My VERY VERY long happy story :)

Ok fast forward! I already had my 39 week appt the Monday before I had my son. I don't remember what I was dilated too or any of that jazz. Thursday night September 23rd I felt AWEFUL! Just miserable. I was up and down all night with contractions. I was still working at this point but Friday morning I called my boss and told him I was going to be gone. There was no way I was in any shape to work for 8 hours. I went to the doctor and they monitored us and I was still having contractions just not regularly. I was 80% effaced and 4 cm dilated. They told me to go rest and they would monitor us again that afternoon. So I went home and took a 4 hour nap. Let me tell you that was the best nap ever after not sleeping. And of course my contractions completely stopped!! I went to my afternoon appointment and remember leaving really disappointed that they didn't send me over to be admitted. So later we hung out with family that had just gotten in the night before. My hubby and I went home and I still had an up and down night. 
The next morning (Saturday the 25th-- my due date) he had to leave for Drill (National Guard) that was over two hours away. I kissed him and told him that I would see him soon bc I knew it was happening today. I was having contractions like 12 minutes apart. I did everything they tell you to do to see if they stop and they still didn't. I called L&D and the Dr on call called back and told me to keep timing them and once I had contractions that I couldn't walk or talk thru then I needed to come in.
Fast forward a few hours-- we were walking Main Street in our town letting my out of town family shop the little stores. I got the most painful contraction. I stopped dead in my tracks and latched on to my cousins arm. I didn't go in because I didn't have any more immediately after that. At one of the stores I went to the restroom and had fluid steadily dripping and I was getting concerned. So finally about 4 p.m. my dad said "that's it, you are going to get checked at least!"
I was so afraid they were going to send me home that I didn't bother calling anyone. I didn't to get anyone else's hopes up. Not even the hubby til I knew for sure!
After I'm hooked up to be monitored, my L&D phone starts ringing off the hook. I'm still not sure how everyone knew that I went in to the hospital. Needless to say, the hubby was TICKED that I didn't call him right away since he was two hours away. By this time it's about 5:30 and my contractions aren't regular. So my nurses came in an said they were going to monitor for another hour then I could either go home or I could walk the halls for 30 minutes. So that's what I did. My husband made it to the hospital way too quickly. He didn't even change out of his uniform. He walked the halls with me and was super worried about everything. After my walk I got to visit with the waiting room that was full of just my family and friends. It made my heart so happy to see everyone who cared so much about us. Still have no idea how they found out so quickly lol!
I made my way back into my L&D room and they got me hooked up. 30 minutes later my sweet little nurse said "Well you aren't going anywhere now hunny!" My contractions were about 4 minutes apart. 

I went to the bathroom and came and got comfortable before they hooked my I.V. up and I was stuck. Everyone came in and wished us luck. My poor husband had to go take a breather. When he came back he tried to eat some cheez-it's. The poor guy only ate 2 before he threw them away. He said he was too nervous to eat and that he would be sick if he tried. About 8 p.m. I was 5cm and 100% effaced. I got my epidural then. My contractions weren't anything yet but I didn't want to miss my chance. The anesthesiologist was great! He told me what to expect and I don't think I even flinched. This was the part I was most scared about! About 15 minutes later I was numb! My left leg was completely dead but I could still pick up and move my right one. I was worried it didn't numb me like it should have or that it would wear off before time. My nurse checked me again around 9 and this time she accidentally broke my water. I asked her "what was that??" And she said "well your water just broke on accident. So now you will dilate about 1 cm an hour now so sit back and relax"
An hour later I was at a 10 and it was time to start pushing :).
I pushed and pushed and pushed for 3 hours. I remember crying because I was so thirsty. They were giving me ice and I was just letting it melt in mouth. I mean really, what's the difference in ice and just giving me some stinking water??
Finally they had me turn and get on my hands and knees and I remember feeling instantly better. I wanted to finish in the position. But no. After I got turned back around they let me rest for about 15 minutes and then I had to get back to it. At this point my husband, who had been quiet and helpful thru this whole process, says "come on babe, you can do this. Just push". Poor guy said one thing to me and I growled at him. "I'M TRYING!!!"
Finally my dr who has been just chilling out on the bed this whole time says"alright this is it!" I said, "what do you mean 'this is it'??" He says, "if you don't push him out we are going to take him csection". That was all he had to say apparently bc with my next push they were holding his head in so they could get their gowns on and deliver this baby! Next push and he was out. BEST. FEELING. EVER!! Everyone says they can't describe that moment when they first lay eyes on what they created and its the truth. No words.
At 2:26 am on 9/26/10, my 10 lb 3 oz, 21 &1/2" long "toddler" was
born! I had a little damage down stairs but they got me fixed up. I can honestly say, this was the best first experience! I hope my second one goes as smoothly as this one!

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