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Birthday Party & Games?

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1.How important are birthday party games in general?

2.Do you prefer structured times or games set out to be played at free will?


My DS is turning 2! Yikes! The theme is "I SPY"  in celebration of his new ability to  learn, memorize, and communicate new objects! The smile on his face when he finds an object of my request is priceless! Sometimes DS knows things I have never taught him! Amazing!

The LOs invited range from 18 months-3 years old. So far I have "I SPY and FIND" games like sand and water tables filled with DS's favorite trinkets; sensory bins; googly eye glasses and disposable cameras! Also, I will have a bunch of different hardback 'object' books for all the kiddos to find their favorite things!  I was thinking of making a collage and having adults find certain things that highlight DS's 2nd year of life-- most objects found would earn the guest a gift!

Everything will be laid out in the hope is curiosity and energy levels will be high and everyone will have a chance to investigate and celebrate!

Game on!



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Re: Birthday Party & Games?

  • 1.How important are birthday party games in general? I don't really think you mean "games" as much as you mean activities.  And I think it varies by age.  For little ones, they really don't have the attention for structure.  For older kids, it's great to have something planned for them to do.  For adults?  Usually good music and good food is enough.

    2.Do you prefer structured times or games set out to be played at free will? I think it depends on what the activity is.  If you're doing cookie decorating, it's probably better to have a little structure to it.  If it's a dress up station, or toy cars, then it can be set up and played with at will.

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  • You should plan for indoor "games" it may be too cold again.
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  • In your case I would just set everything out and let the kids play as they please; also, I wouldn't organize "games" for the adults, if you ask me they are usually kinda annoying, just let them eat and mingle
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