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night time diapers

I have twin boys and we are currently using huggies night time for our night diapers.  Lately we have been having lots of leaks in the morning.  I have tried the nest size up and I'm still having leaks.  Does anyone have suggestions on a different diaper for night time?
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Re: night time diapers

  • i've always used pampers on my son. but we just started using the Parent's choice overnight diapers from Walmart because we got a free sample of them, and i love them! & they're cheap which is always good. I don't like the parent's choice normal diapers, but the over night ones are amazing. haven't had a leak yet! Knock on wood:)
  • I use Honest diapers but those weren't working at night, at least not when he was still eating at night. But I now use Target brand and went up a size. That has been the only thing that works for us. Fine by me cause they're cheap!
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  • I really like Pampers Extra Protection.  It's their overnight diapers and comes in a purple box. I haven't had any leaks so far! I hated Huggies from the beginning, they always leaked for us. Even when the pampers were getting too small they leaked maybe once or twice.
    We use these too - love them!
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  • eb1113eb1113 member
    We also use the Pampers night time diapers. They are great!
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  • We've been using Huggies Overnights, the next size up because he was leaking through nightly. They have worked great so far!
  • We use pampers and for night time we just go one size up. Thay usually does the trick.
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  • I use pampers swaddlers both day and night. Never had a leak
  • CurlyQ284CurlyQ284 member
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    I use pampers swaddlers one size up. I was using same size and didn't have a problem until he started STTN and sleeping on his tummy with his butt in the air. His shirt would be wet in the morning. I think if he didn't sleep like that his normal size would work but one size up works for his air butt position lol.
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  • Curly, I think this could be what is causing my issue because my DS does the same thing! LOL

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  • Thanks everyone! I'm glad I got some good feedback on the pampers overnights! I wanted to try them but on there were some bad reviews.  Now I just gotta wait to finish these huggies, ugh!
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  • I've tried several brands over two kids and have yet to find a brand that works through a night poopy.

    Also, Pampers nighttime diapers and A&D do not mix -- in fact, the diaper will disintegrate and burst open, leaving a mass of tiny, stinky, yellow beads all over your baby and the changing table.

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  • I use the Walmart brand as well...
  • With both of mine no nighttime diaper alone helped. I use Huggies overnites with a diaper booster pad and that works. With my first I had to use 2 booster pads, it was ridiculous!
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