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washing UB Vista

I saw the post that someone washed their city mini and it went well. It reminded me I want to try washing my UB Vista. I have the wheat color. Can anyone share if it was easy or not to dissassemble / reassemble the fabric and if it came out okay? DH has spilled/dropped more stuff on it than DS!
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Re: washing UB Vista

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    Very easy to do.  I washed mine pretty often.  The trick is that when you try to take the seat off the frame, there is point where you think it won't come off because the loop seems continuous on the sides of the seat.  There is the slit in the metal buckle where you can slide the strap through so that it comes off.  It's hard to explain but once you take it apart I think you will see what I mean.  
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  • Did you just chuck it in the wash?  I bought a used one and I'd like to see if I can get the seat cleaner.  Is there directions for taking it off the frame in the user manual?
  • I have a small front loading washer, so once I figured out how to get the split ring apart on the side loops and get the seat off, I found that it did not fit in my washer. I think it is only recommended to wash it in a front loader. If you have a full size one, it will probably work. I hand wash mine in the bathtub. I have the silver color and it washes really well.

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