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Middle name or no?

Hi ladies!  DH and I have been settled on the first name Mia for our little girl since the beginning.  DH just kind of thought of it one day and I really like it, so that's that!  The thing is, our last name is rather long and complicated (it's Polish) so we're either trying to decide on a short middle name that goes with Mia or if we should just leave it as Mia.  Thoughts or suggestions?

Re: Middle name or no?

  • A middle name isn't a requirement, so if you guys can't think of anything you like, I'd just skip it.

    Any family members you want to honor? That would be the only thing I'd put in the MN spot if we didn't come up with something else that sounded good. I think Mia Lastname is fine. Mia is pretty, btw.


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  • WolFoxWolFox member
    I have a long polish last name, and my husband has a long Ukrainian one! Although we'll just use his name for the kids, I can totally feel your pain. 

     Although we aren't trying yet, our number one girls name is pretty close to Mia, but we ended up choosing a three syllable middle name! His last name is three syllables too, and we liked the flow of 2 syllables, 3 then 3. BUT you're asking for one syllable so here are some that I can think of that I think sound okay:

    Mia Lynn
    Mia Grace
    Mia Joy (I generally don't like "Word" names, but some people do)
    Mia Wren/Gwen
    Mia Jane (oh, I like that one)
    Mia Eve...

    As I was looking through the names on a quick search, it seemed like the best ones had harder, more solid sounds: Mia is a beautiful name, but very vowel-y and soft at the end. A soft, vowely middle name may end up sounding squished together. That's just what I was thinking after looking at it for two minutes, so please don't take anything I saw as a judgement or forceful if you disagree.

     Mia is beautiful and good luck! 
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  • Thanks ladies!  As WolFox pointed out our last name is really hard sounding with lots of consonants next to each other, so we thought Mia would really fit well as a nice contrast.  We didn't want to saddle her with a difficult first name and our last name that we joke she won't be able to spell until she's 10 haha. 

  • WolFoxWolFox member
    My husband doesn't have a middle name himself, and he really doesn't mind. 
  • I wasn't supposed to have a middle name. I am the only girl on my dads side that does. I would rather have no middle name then the middle name Marie. I say skip it.
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  • I wasn't supposed to have a middle name. I am the only girl on my dads side that does. I would rather have no middle name then the middle name Marie. I say skip it.
    I'm warming up the idea of skipping it, and I honestly think DH is okay either way.  We don't really have any family names that we like and most people don't really use their middle name anyway!

  • Mia Faith, Mia June, Mia Ruth, Mia Kate, Mia Faye, Mia Lou, Mia Blair, Mia Beth, Mia Jade
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  • middle names are a must for me, but to each their own! I love having a longer more personalized name. My first name is 3 syllables, I have 2 middle names, and my maiden name was 4 syllables. I don't use my middle names much but I like having them.
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  • My boyfriend is Czech, so before we learned it was a boy, we had softer sounding names for a girl that blended very soft first name and harsher last name. Siona yvonne, serena kaylan, avery, etc.
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  • I like Mia Lynn
    Mia Kate
    Mia Grace
    Mia Ann
  • Thank you for all of the great suggestions!  I have to wrangle DH and figure out which direction we want to take!

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