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Jon and Kate + 8

I've never watched this show before (thank you, Christmas break!) and I am tired just watching it. Yikes. So. many. babies.

Also, is it just me or could you see Kate being incredibly hard to be married to? She never fills the car up with gas because it's a man's job? That's...different.

Regardless, I don't know how they do it. That's a ton of kids to raise!?

Re: Jon and Kate + 8

  • lol, I just saw your FB status update about that.  I agree, I have no idea how I would handle that many kids!  She seems like a huge b!tch, but I like to watch it because the kids are so darn cute! 
  • I think her organizational process is amazing! ?I could only wish we were half that on-task. ?On another note, though, I think the parents don't function very well as a 'team'. ?Granted, I'm 6 kids short so I shouldn't compare :)
  • I don't know how they do it either.  After I had Evelyn if I ever get overwhelmed I would think about that show and realize that it could be much worse!!

    Kate is definitely different but from watching the show I think her and Jon genuinely care for one another.

  • I couldn't imagine having that many kids and yes she is harsh, but I think I would be too with all those kids. 
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  • I LOVE this show! I have watched every episode since this show has aired. Micah bought me their book..Multiple Blessings for Christmas.

    I do think Kate is a bit harsh on Jon at times. I sometimes feel sorry for him when she yells and embarasses him. It does have to be difficult to manage that many children and not have conflict.

    To be honest...I would LOVE to have those kids! It will never happen to me, Micah would never go for that many. But, just seeing how adorable they are, how could you not fall in love with them. Having 8 babies just like Gracie would be Heaven to me. :)

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  • I love the show also. I do think that Kate can be very blunt and obnoxious at times, but I try not to judge her for it since her life is so different.

    The kids are absolutely adorable!!

  • I love that show as well!  What a hectic life.  Im not really a fan of Kate but very much enjoy all the others.  It seems like they are doing more on there own now instead of having the kids watched by the friend and sister in law.  I really liked the sister in law (joan maybe?) though...she seemed really helpful.  I saw the friend, Beth helped write the book but I havent seen her in recent episodes either. 



  • i love watching that show. ?I can't watch when B is home, he hates Kate. ?I think she has to be that way to keep the kids together and it just flows thru to Jon. ?

    There is a blog written by Joni, Jodi's sister about how mean Kate really is. ?TLC supposedly wanted to pay Beth and Jodi for their appearance on the show and Kate would not allow them to be paid so they are not shown on the show any more.

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