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Standing toys/Zany Zoo

Anyone have a Zany Zoo? What about an activity table or something LO can pull self up to and stand and play. Looking for something soon.



Re: Standing toys/Zany Zoo

  • We have the zany zoo and an activity table. The table was part of her jumper we just removed the seat. DD plays with both and I like that the zoo will have a long life.
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  • My first DD LOVED her FP activity table. DD#2 not so much. But she had access to DD#1's play kitchen at that point and loved getting in there and standing, and she has a Little Tikes Garden Center and still loves that. Never heard of a Zany Zoo

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  • DD loved her learning table (I think its leap frog). I loved the Zany Zoo, but DD was never really interested in it.

    When she first started pulling up, we bought the FP Cruise Around Activity Lion and she really liked that, but outgrew it quickly. It doesn't flip over as easily as the learning table.
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