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Capital Health-Hopewell Question

I am going to deliver at Capital Health in September.  Right now, I am making a shopping list for my hospital bag and was wondering what exactly are you supplied with when you're in/after you leave the hospital.  When my son was born in Harrisburg, I went home with a peri bottle, tucks witch hazel pads, and dermaplast (numbing spray).  All of these things helped to make my recovery SO MUCH EASIER!!!  I was wondering if you get any of these things or others in this hospital or not?  Also, what was your experience like?  I am the first one in my family to deliver in this hospital.

Re: Capital Health-Hopewell Question

  • I'll be delivering at capital health hopewell as well on nov. I am interest in people's response to your question. Did you do a hospital tour?
  • Lately all my friends have been heading over to Capital Health in Hopewell and LOVING it!  she siad she had a great nurse.  I asked my friend and she said just talk to them directly to find out what they provide because they are now giving moms lots more free stuff then they were at first-  She gave me this number for Childbirth Education 609-303-4140.  I went on the tour with my friend and it was BEAUTIFUL!  its not every day you see a waterfall and fireplace in a hospital lobby  ;)  My friend and I also switched over to Pediatrics right down the street from the hospital (just up past Starbucks) to Princeton Nassau Pediatrics and we LOVE THEM!   message me if any other questions
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