3rd Trimester

August 2013

... Is that page working for anyone? I'm just mobile bumping and no luck. :[

Re: August 2013

  • Are you on the app? I had to uninstall then reinstall the app to access that board.

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  • I couldn't access it either and I just did the whole delete and redownload thing and its good now!
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  • I'm going to give that a try, thanks! Every other board was working.. Just not August 13. Thanks again!!
  • I'm mobile too and can't get on aug13. I could from my laptop but not here.
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  • I can see it on my laptop, but it seems "stuck" at about 4:11.  I can't post a new thread or leave a reply over there.
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  • I keep trying to reply and it keeps disappearing. Then I tried to start a new post, and it says "page not found."

    Ahhhhhh Going crazy!



  • I haven't had any issues this time around but I've noticed there hasn't been a lot going on in the last couple hours... Maybe I am having issues with it!
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  • August 13 isn't working!!! :( Hasn't since about 4pm.

  • i can't post.
  • I am on my laptop and it is not working for me.  I am able to get on, but I can't post, and I haven't gotten any new replies or posts in hours, as if its frozen...
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  • I miss the board :(
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  • It's not working for me at all. I can get on it, but it hasn't updated since the "big baby" post yesterday. :(


  • Also, I'm not mobile or anything, so I don't know what the deal is!


  • I'm on my lap top, but the page still hasn't updated for me. Not since the "big baby" post yesterday. I also can't post anything.


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