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on bedrest and suspended at work :(

Hey ladies, well I went to my ob today and she checked me and i'm finger tip 50% effaced. so she did a fetal fibernectin and on bedrest til we get the results in 2 days. well on the work side is that I am at the point where I'm suspended...don't know when it starts and then you get 1 more absence in a YEAR! delivery doesn't count thank god but I would only get 6 weeks of medical leave...what if baby comes early? so stressed!!! anyway just wanted to give you an update.

thanks for letting me share.

Re: on bedrest and suspended at work :(

  • Were you having contractions??? I hope you do take it easyBig Smile Try to keep your peanut in there as long as possible!! I know that when I was placed on bedrest I had to use my FMLA before the baby was even born...Will your job hold your position for you??? I completely understand how stressed you must be Tongue Tied


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  • I'm sorry to hear that you got suspended.....and on bedrest :(

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  • nope they will not hold my job and I do not qualify for FMLA because I didn't work enough hours in the last 12 months. you need like 1250 and I have 900 so way off. I work 24hrs a week and will not have enough by the time this little one arrives. 


  • I''m so sorry!  I hope you are able to work something out.  Please keep us posted.
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  • Oh no!! I hope everything works out for the best, stress is not what you need right now :(:(
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