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going to the fabric store...

I got a sewing machine for Christmas so now I'm going to buy all the supplies/accessories I need...what do you recommend I keep on hand all the time?

Re: going to the fabric store...

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    extra bobbins, extra needles in varying sizes, seam ripper, scissors to use only for cloth...
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    More info -- what level sewer are you? Do you already have some notions on hand? (i.e. pins, pincushion, hem gauge, etc.)
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    I haven't sewn since home ec in HS....and I have nothing but the sewing machine right now! Smile
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    Then definitely pins, pin cushion, marking pen, tape measure.

    If you want to splurge, rotary cutter and mat plus cutting guides.

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    Dec. 31-Jan. 4, JoAnn's is having a sale -- Ginghers are 40% off!! Get yourself a good pair of shears, and possibly pinking shears, too. (Other brands are on sale right now for 40% off). Cutting mats are also on sale, if you're so inclined.

    extra needles for your machine, bobbins, pins, pincushion, maybe a soft cloth measuring tape if you'll be sewing clothing or want to use it on your child for general use, seam ripper, white and black thread (or common colors of your choosing)

    Maybe a tote or "sewing basket" to use to keep all your little pieces and parts corraled, too.

    I'll keep thinking ... I got a new machine for Christmas, too, but have quite a pile of supplies already onhand .... hard to think of what to recommend.

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    Sorry to keep adding in separate posts, I keep going through what I have.

    Some sort of box to keep everything.  I have a tupperware box with handle that has my scissors, pins, etc. all in one place.

    What sort of sewing will you be doing?

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    I am in the same position as you. I posted above asking  for some good sewing projects for beginners. This thread has also been pretty helpful.
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    Make sure not to scrimp on the bobbin needles -- they're uber important!



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