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Mari - How is Nadia?

I never got a chance to respond below about her being sick but I wanted to see how she is doing now. I hope she is much improved!!!



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Re: Mari - How is Nadia?

  • Yes! She is sooo much better! She still has a slight cough and I when she breathes, I can hear that she still has some gunk in her chest that needs to get out, but overall I am sooooo relieved!!! Her appetite is back and she is "popping bottles" (that's her daddy's expression). We started the nebulizer every 8 hours this morning (we started every 4 hours, then went to every 6) and we have a check up with the pedi today at 1:30pm. I am crossing my fingers that she will be 100% perfect again by the end of this week. I hate that she got sick so young, but I was telling my mom that seeing her so sicky made me feel and realize what it really means to be a mommy. I would have given and do anything to make her better. I refused to leave her side even though my dh was telling me to take a break and let someone else take over for a bit. Anyhow, thanks so much for checking on us!


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