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xp Speech therapy Q for my DD

Someone suggested I ask here in case anyone is lurking. 

Don't know if anyone's on, but I have a question -

She had her frenulum clipped a few months back and is doing great, she'll be 3 in April.  She is frustrated and I'm not sure how we can help or if we even should.  She learned Deck The Halls and walks around practicing L's all the time.  ("Fala la la la" instead of "Fawa wa wa wa" now)  She keeps practicing on her own and driving herself nuts.  "Look mommy my LLLLIGHT is off!"   When she does it we tell her "yayyy you did your L, good job" and that we're proud of her, etc.  We don't push anything & just let her go at her own pace.  But she's frustrated beyond belief and throwing tantrums here & there when she can't do it. 

Any suggestions?  Normal for non-tongue-tied kids?  Get an eval?  tia

Re: xp Speech therapy Q for my DD

  • I would say get an eval.  It doesn't hurt to know if it's because of her history or if it's a "normal" thing.
  • It  cracks me up that she walks around practicing her L's!


    Honesty, I would probably wait on a speech eval, that is my totally non-educated personal answer, because although it frustrates her, it sounds like she is making progress on her own pretty quickly.

  • Oh finally a speech therapy question... I'm a speech therapist. ?And if you're question is if you should get an eval for her saying l, at 3, it's developmental. ?If she has trouble saying the t and d sounds, then I'd get an eval. ?Any more questions??image
  • She is fine.  She does not need the l sound until she hits school years.  Her replacement is normal.  My son does this with r as well.  Just ignore it :)
  • just throwing in another SLP's opinion... but I wouldn't worry about an evaluation. The L not being correct at this point is completely developmentally appropriate. It seems that she'll figure it out and be less and less frustrated :) She's motivated, which is a wonderful thing!!
  • I agree with everyone else. She will get it. I would tell her this too. She might become self-consious of what she says and start stumbling over other sounds. IF she still has the problem in K they will eval her then to find out if she need speech.
  • One more SLP's opinion-I agree completely with everyone else!  At her age, don't sweat it...trouble with L sounds at her age is definitely age appropriate, and the fact that she can do it at all is great. :P
  • i am also a speech therapist, but I don't totally ignore errors, i find a way to say the word again in conversation and slightly overemphasize the correct sound.  I am all about the early intervention for articulation.  I worked with a 4 yo who was telling me about her new babysister "yiddy"  She had multiple articulation errors so it was hard to figure out, her name is Lily. 


    I agree with the others that if her only problem is L then she is ok, is she frustrated cuz you can't understand her?



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