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1) Our grandparents gave us enough Christmas money and gift cards that we were able to buy our stroller. Yay!!

2) My blood sugar was, for the most part, under control through all of our Christmases, and I was even able to eat very small portions of ridiculously delicious food. Including a piece of chocolate creme pie last night. Any high numbers I had were no higher than they usually are (only a few points). Yay!!

3)  My SIL gave us all of my niece's outgrown clothes. It's about 50-60 things - mostly onesies, but also a few cute dresses and pants. And most of it is genuinely cute stuff!! Yay!!

4) The only good thing about being pregnant and losing 30 pounds (because trust me, it scares me more than anything), is that when you see family you haven't seen in a year, and their jaws hit the floor and they tell you how amazing you look, you actually believe them. :-)

5) My mom has confirmed that I've finally popped. Because when she saw me over Thanksgiving, I hadn't popped. But now, she says, I've definitely popped. Yay!!

6) Most importantly, today is 24w - V-Day!! Yay!!!!!!!!!


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Re: AW's!

  • Soooo, since you popped do we get a belly pic???

    Oh, and I was going to page you to say that your pg is going so fast, I think you may somehow surpass me and get to 40 weeks first!  LOL.  I think mine is about to slow down dramatically.  I've hit the 3rd tri blahs.

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  • I'm *thinking* about a belly pic. :-)

    I think both of our pregnancies are going fast - I still remember when you got your BFP!!

    I was walking this morning, and realized that Halloween seemed like yesterday, and I remember when I first got pregnant that I was like "just make it to Halloween," because that was 15w, which felt safe to me. It seems like yesterday!!

    I'm hoping the next 16 weeks go by just as quickly!!

    And, for what it's worth, time just seems to be going quickly for me because of all the new programming on television. Sad. But at least we get new American Idol and Lost soon!! :-)

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  • Oh, and another AW...

    7) When we all went to buy our stroller, our mattress was $30 off, so my parents bought it for us. So we now have a fully-functional baby crib!! Yay!!

    I think I'm done... :-)

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  • I agree we need a belly pic.

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  • Yay for all your Aw's Brenda! Belly pic soon?

  • That is all wonderful news Brenda! I am so glad that you got to indulge a little on some delicious food, you deserve it sooo much. I agree, we need a belly pic. :)
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  • Yay!  those are all so exciting.



  • Yay for popping!  (and not for pooping like I thought it said at first glance.  Although pooping while pregnant is a good thing too).  Yay for looking amazing and the hand me downs too!  My cousins gave us a bunch of stuff too and it was great! 
  • Brenda!!  So excited about all those...and eagerly awaiting

    a picture!

    Mother's Day, 2011
  • Woo hoo! I'm glad things are going so swimmingly. I just wanted to use that word.
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