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She is all girl! Ava story...

Tonight DH & I were in Target with Ava.  They were playing in the toy aisles and I wanted to go over to the kid's shoe aisle so I told him to meet me there.  A few minutes later they come walking hand in hand, until Ava saw me and she bolted.  I was ready to greet her with a big hug, but when she realized she was in the shoe aisle, mommy was suddenly second rate.  She stopped very suddenly in her tracks, held out her hands and yelled with the most genuine excitement you have ever heard "SHOES!"  LOL!  She is my little fashionista.  She then proceeded to look through several shoe boxes, then turned and handed me the ones she wanted.  They were no doubt covered in bright pink glitter.  I am in trouble!

Ava Caroline 8.27.07 I Charlotte Grace 5.18.09 I Lila Katherine 1.20.11


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