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DH is too cute for words

Oh, he's inching so close to taking the adoption plunge. We haven't even picked an agency yet, but he bought out WalMart of every single childproofing item they have available. He still has a giant fear we'll fail a homestudy, but he's going to try and be ready for any eventuality!

Re: DH is too cute for words

  • That is very cute!!!  If I were you guys, I'd pick an agency ASAP.  The process takes too long for most and you'll regret it if you put it off too much. 

    CONGRATS on your decision to adopt and I look forward to reading your updates.

  • He sounds like he is really trying YIPPEEEE....he sounds as if he is soooo nervous.  In a way that makes him so sweet.

  • That's really sweet!
  • I'm really happy for you!  :)


  • He just finished installing a keypad lock onto the basement so little hands can't get the door open. He's so cute.

    2BWed, I'd love to pick an agency now, but we're working on DH's timeline, and he's still working through some adoption fears. It'll happen soon, I'm sure! We're calling 2 places this week with specific questions. Yippee!

  • That is just adorable. Sounds like he is getting closer!!!

    Good Luck

  • Some men like to focus on the practical minutia so that the big picture isn't too overwhelming.  I think that is a very welcome sign.

  • That is a great sign!! 
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  • Awww that is very sweet of him!
  • That is too cute!  I'm excited for your progress!  GL calling those agencies this week!

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