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People have NO TACT

This past week I had to go to the doctor for a test for a medical condition I have. Now I know I still have a little bit of a belly but it's not enormous. Certainly not worthy of anyone RUBBING IT, considering I ALREADY HAD MY BABY. If anything I think I just look like I need to lose a few pounds, which, well... I do.

Anyway... Before the test the MALE technician was like "oooh you're pregnant!!!" and then proceeded to RUB MY BELLY. I was mortified. :( I was like "no, I actually just gave birth 4 weeks ago" and then the guy went on about how it took his wife a while to lose her belly too. UGH.

Now I really look forward to getting the green light from my doctor so I can start exercising and get rid of these extra pounds. I was so embarrassed. :(

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Re: People have NO TACT

  • Sorry that happened... I had something similar at about 3 weeks pp, my mail carrier saw my belly and got all exciting and asked about the pregnancy.  When I told her I had the baby she kept digging the hole even deeper with everything she said.  I just poliety started to walk away.  I was so excited when I got the green light to exercise then I got my foot ran over (less than 2 weeks later).  I'm still no where near what I'd like to look like, I still can't exercise.  You'll loose the weight and I'm sure you look fantastic. 
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  • EEk I'm sorry.  That happened to me too though!! It sucks.  At least when you're pregnant you have an excuse for the extra weight but after the baby is born, you just feel heavy!! It'll get better.  It takes time.  It's not just the weight but the change in your body that needs to go back to it's pre-preg self. 

    I NEVER make any comment to anyone about their belly unless I know for sure that they're pregnant!! 

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  • ugh i too went through that! people are sooo rude!

    and now my worst pet peeve is when someone I DO NOT KNOW comes up to us and touches the baby! ughhh i hate that! why do people have to touch??????????????

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  • :( that was incredibly rude! sorry you had to go thru that!
  • People are just so rude! To be honest, I don't even like people I know touching my belly, I just think it's invasion of privacy! They didn't do it before I was pregnant so why should they do it now? Idk that's just me.

    Don't be hard on yourself though, you only gave birth 4 weeks ago and you haven't even gotten the green light to start exercising! Besides, just because the people in Hollywood seem to lose the baby weight in 1 week and look great doesn't mean that should be expected from us normal people! Everyones different!

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  • OMG! poor are clueless
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