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One year ago was my due date with Ethan and we were anxiously awaiting our little guy to come meet us!  I went to my 40 week checkup with not much progress, but my bp was up (did I mention I was anxious?) so I was sent to the hospital to have some testing done.  I was sitting in a hospital bed listening to my little guy on the monitor!  It is crazy how much a year can change your life.  Just today Ethan has started walking all over the place, he is so steady on his feet now!  He was just walking in between us about 10 steps and walking from toy to toy.  We were at my aunt's all day for our family Christmas and he was walking room to room without any assistance or stopping!  He walked all the way from the living room, through the dining room, and into the hallway to get to me - even managing to make some turns without stumbling!!  I am simply amazed by him each and every day.  I can't wait to celebrate his first birthday in one week!!
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    AWW..Miranda!  I hear ya!  This year has been amazing.  I held my 2 month old nephew on Christmas Day and really don't ever remember Caleb being that little!  I don't know anymore what life was like before he came along!
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    Awww...I hear ya!  That is so exciting that he is walking around everywhere now.  DS is walking with assistance and I got excited about that, LOL!  I just love the little and big milestones that we get excited about!  I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by.  It is crazy!  DH and I were just saying that we can't imagine life without DS!
    Our kids are 19mths apart and we LOVE it!!

    Married to my BFF on 8.13.05 (after dating 5 years)!

    DS born 2.14.08. DD born 9.30.09.

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    awww Miranda, tht is so awesome!

    What a wonderful year it's been, and just think you have soo many more too!

    Congrats on your big boy, how exciting!

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