Pregnant after 35

Oh, trixiebeeellldeeeen!

I'm finally back!  How was your Christmas?

Re: Oh, trixiebeeellldeeeen!

  • Woo hooo!  Congratulations on your gorgeous little girl!  I am so happy for you.  Any tips you can pass on?  I know Connor was born only 17 months ago, but I feel like it was years ago and I am afraid I will forget everything. 

    I read your posts about BFing and feel like I am going to be in the same boat.  I had a boob job 11 years ago, but I had some complications so I have had 4 surgeries on one side and and 2 on the other.  I pumped for the first two days with Connor, but gave up around the time my milk came in.  Now I want to BF and I am afraid I won't be able to do so.   I bought a book on increasing my supply, but I guess it will be a wait and see thing.  Let me know if something works for you. 

    Christmas was great, but I was pretty exhausted the whole time.  It was a little too much this year, but it was nice to have other people chase Connor around.

     I am getting really nervous now!  Two weeks to go and I am starting to panic.  I don't feel ready, I get worried about the c-section even though I had a very easy recovery last time, I worry about Connor feeling neglected, I worry about aforementioned BFing issues, and I worry about handling a toddler and a newborn.  Whew!  I know a lot is hormonal and DH is great and will be doing a lot of the work, but it is different once you know what to expect.

    I am so excited for you.  Have you gone over to the 0-6 month board yet?

  • Yes, I''m over there these days.  DD hasn't pooped yet today, and she is so uncomfortable.  I've given her some breast milk but it isn't working.

    Good luck with the breastfeeding.  I'm about to give up because I'm producing less than on ounce when I pump.  It's become too hard.  Try some fenugreek for your supply if you don't have enough.  It's supposed to help.  I had to stop taking it because it's not good for hypertensive moms.  My bp is still crazy high, and I'm going back to the doctor yet again.

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