Pregnant after 35

Best Gift Ever

SO this Christmas our greatest gift was nothing material but the fact that we are finally pregnant.

 Now we also gave the greatest gift this year. We were holding off telling most (my family already knows) until we are 12 weeks, but it's so close at 10-1/2. My in-laws are 84 & 79 and have been wanting a grandchild but haven't been really pushy with questions, probably knew we were having trouble. So...

I took the best ultrasound picture, scanned, printed and framed, & gave it to them. They were probably at first wondering why I gave them an old picture frame, I said how do you like the picture? and they were looking...and looking...and looking and saying what is it? (Keep in mind ultrasounds weren't around about 40 years ago.) Finally his dad says "Is this a baby?" and when I said yes, they were so happy they were crying. It was really nice, it meant more than anything in the world to them.


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