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Indoor Playspace on UWS?

I live in Williamsburg and when I am home I often bring DD to Mamalu to play. But my DH and I own a business on the UWS and I would love to find a good indoor playspace to bring DD to when I am there. I used to work at Kidville so I know you have to be a member to go there. Any other places?

Re: Indoor Playspace on UWS?

  • we just went to the children's museum of manhattan on the uws (think it was near 84th and amsterdam??? oh man, I'm not sure.. it was my first time driving in the city. is their website).  they charge $10 a person for everyone 1yr of age and older.  that's kind of steep from what I'm used to... but there seemed to be a ton of people there. I wonder if they do planned activities/classes you can register for????  my kids loved it... it wore them out. ds just laid down on the floor after a while.. he was so pooped!
  • Discovery Programs at 100th street and West End Avenue has open gym once a day for an hour -- the time changes, which makes it iffy.  It's 20 bucks for non-members, but it's a great space.
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