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What is sahms best nail polish?

As a pre christmas present from my dh I got a manicure but in less then a week it looks terrible.  Is there any nail polish that works well for sahms especially ones with pre-potty training dcs.

Re: What is sahms best nail polish?

  • I'm wearing MAC (cream-dark angel). I've been wearing in for a couple weeks and it's just starting to chip a little. I usually wear MAC. I wonder if it makes a difference?
  • I don't paint my fingernails because it doesn't last long enough for my liking since I wash my hands a lot.  I have natural long nails so I just give them a good buff shine and I stick to just getting pedicures.
  • I get an acrylic overlay on my nails because my nails are super thin and if I don't they tear like paper and bend something terrible. I use OPI and with the basecoat and topcoat it lasts a couple weeks.
  • I rarely use color on my nails because I HATE them being chipped. I usually use a high gloss clear.
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