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Newbie here

I just wanted to introduce myself as this looks like a great board to be a part of. I am 15 weeks pregnant with my first child and I am 41. I have had two prior miscarriages and was terrified to say anything before I hit the second trimester.

So far things have been going good. I have had the first round of tests (NTS u/s and BUN blood tests) and both came back with good numbers, so looks like I won't be needing an amnio (yipee)! I have been blessed with no morning sickness, just a few days of feeling icky. To be honest I don't even feel pregnant (except for the sore breasts).

I look forward to getting to know everyone here and going through this with people that understand. Hugs and best wishes for everyone!


Re: Newbie here

  • Welcome, Dawn, and CONGRATS!

    .. though I don't know how nice I can be, now that you've admitted you had NO morning sickness.. *ahem*..  ;)

    If you're not feeling pregnant yet, have no fear.   It'll hit and hit with a vengance when it does LOL!

    Happy you found us :)


  • Hi Dawn!  Welcome and congratulations! I am with you on so many levels.  I had 3 m/c's and I have been freaking out constantly.  I have 2 docs, and one of them has the 'oh don't worry you'll be fine' attitude, and the other I really, really like, because he takes the time to find the problem and answer my questions.  This pregnancy has not been without its problems, but luckily I am settling in and allowing myself to look forward instead of negatively going day by day.

    Good luck to you.  This is a really nice group of women, if you ever need to vent!

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  • Hi Dawn- welcome may of us have been through long and painful journeys. I want to wish you the best of luck. I too am cautious, I go back to RE on tuesday and I am praying I can see the h/b. I can hardly sleep I am filled with nerves. I love these boards they are so helpful and let us all know we are not alone, Good luck
  • Congrats and welcome!!!
  • Congrats and welcome!

    And I may be jinxing myself by writing this, but so far I haven't had any m/s either. Though I'm only 8 weeks along?it could still hit.  Though my mom didn't have m/s for either of her pregnancies.


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  • congrats and welcome.
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  • welcome and congrats.  Don't worry about not feeling pregnant.  I'm 28 weeks and STILL don't feel pregnant.  You will eventually.  (Or so I'm told)
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