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How was your Christmas/Holiday celebaration?

We had an awesome Christmas!  Drake wasn't too sure about opening presents at first but he became a pro in no time!

We spent some time at my BIL's house with him, his wife, their 3 kids, her mom and DH's mom.  The middle boy who is about 10 couldn't stay away from Drake!  Most kids won't go near him but this guy was so loving!  I have always had a special place in my heart for him (don't tell the others).  Embarrassed  It was so amazing because they never see him and our nephew was instantly comfortable.  I think he really wants to play with his cousin.

My 13 year old DD is referring to this year as the "Best Christmas ever".  I think she's right.

How about everyone else?  How did your little ones do?

Re: How was your Christmas/Holiday celebaration?

  • We were (are) at my IL's this year.  Everyone loved W., but he was overwhelmed by all the strange faces.  He figured out how to rip paper off of packages, which was pretty cute.


    Suzan, mama to W, who has NF1

  • Our Chrstmas was good.  Our son had a blast opening all of his presents on Chrstmas morning  :)  He wasn't too excited about opening his gifts from family though (he hates crowds and hates when people crowd around him), but for the most part he did great.

    Christmas went by so fast!

  • Our christmas was good.  I had to work until 6:30 on Christmas Eve so DH went ahead without me and came back to pick me up and my dad insisted on him leaving Josh with him while he went and Josh screamed for the entire 45 minutes (he's been a momma and daddy's boy since he was in the hospital earlier this month).  Yesterday was good.  Josh is a little young to open the presents - he was just trying to put everything in his mouth.  My father didn't make any annoying comments about feeding him more or giving him solids which was nice and actually offered to babysit for us on NYE so that we can go out to dinner.

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