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Glad to hear from someone else who has had a breast reduction.  I'm getting some milk, but only about enough for 1 bottle per day.  I'm not getting up every 2 hours or so because I'm so exhausted from all the other stuff.  I feel like a bad mommy because I'm not doing everything possible to breastfeed. It would be different if I weren't getting anything, but there's something there.  I feel like I should try fenugreek or Mother's Milk tea, but DH would have to get it for me.  I'm basically supposed to be a couch potato for awhile and can't do anything for myself.  I wish I had never read those books about bf.  It makes me feel so guilty.

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  • Part of me feels guilty but then both my OB and future pediatrician made me feel better about it. These days they are able to make the formulas to basically mimic breast milk anyways so don't worry little girl is getting what she needs!! I have no idea if my milk will even come in or not so I am prepared to bottle feed. All in all I don't regret my reduction and am ready to get another one if these gigantic boobs don't go back after all this!!!
  • Sorry to butt in... I also had a reduction 4 years back.  I plan on trying to bf, but am not getting my hopes up.  I knew it was a possibility at the time of the surgery, but in all honesty I really thought I would never get married or have a baby.  My boobs are almost back to pre-surgery size just due to the pregnancy =(  and this makes me sad.  On one hand I hope I can bf, but the other I just don't know.  I have been doing some research, but the odds don't look real good, especially since I had problems after the surgery.  It bothers me most because I really want Bug to get that extra shot of antibodies from the colostrum.
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  • Just want to say try not to feel guilty about bf. I have very large breasts, and had major trouble breastfeeding my first. So even if you hadnt had the reduction probably would have the same problem. I just got my BFP for our 2nd baby and this time I'm not going to push myself so hard with breast feeding and pumping. (and I took all the herbs too) It was exhausting. I will try of course and see how it goes.
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