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Had our first Integrated screen test .....

Geeez, are these people supposed to scare the heck out of you like this?  DH and I went to "counseling" about what "could happen" and they freaked the heck out of us .... ok, I'm not stupid and I obviously know we should be prepared "just in case", but i'm a very positive person and I guess it just rubbed me the wrong way. 

So far, they took the first count of blood tests, which apparently my health insurance will not cover (but that's another story for another day).  Anywho, on a better note had my U/S and the little one was moving around like crazy, the nurse said that was a good sign but then she got aggravated (nicely) and called him/her "stubborn"... I was like "nice lady" (LOL)  she had to take his measurements and was getting annoyed that he wouldn't stop moving ... 1/2 hour later she got those measurements.... hehehe .... that's my boy/girl!

image Nicholas Jacob born on 06/30/2009, 9.5lbs and 21 1/4" long Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker Joshua Scott 5.3lbs & Jonathan Matthew 6.2lbs, born 08/31/10 Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker

Re: Had our first Integrated screen test .....

  • Well, I guess they feel they have to inform you of everything but they can use a little less fear when they present. I am glad u have an active little one and they were going to drive the tech crazy since the nurses drove u crazy..LOL Good luck
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