Pregnant after 35

prayers are needed

Tuesday I was having cramps and what i thought were painless contractions - against the advice of the nurses line which told me everything was fine - i called the dr's office and went in ... cervix was shortened and was having steady mild contractions ... went to the hospital where i spent the night - was given Indocine (sp?) and cervix was remeasured and had gotten a little longer by the morning.  Sent home with Procardia and will go back for cervix measurement on friday morning .  Still feeling the contractions but less frequently - drinking as much water as i can.  This couldn't suck more to say the least - when we got home i saw the baby's ultasound picture on our refrigerator and just burst out crying - poor DH - we're both trying to be positive but it's hard - faith really needs to kick in full time for me.  So any prayers would be very much appreciated.  I can feel the baby moving around - she just needs to stay inside a lot longer.

 It's Christmas today - not much of a way to celebrate one that should have been such a happy one for us.

 Merry Christmas to anyone reading this.

Re: prayers are needed

  • (((HUGS)))

    Sending many prayers your way for you and your little one.

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  • Praying for you and your baby.

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  • Sending many prayers and hopes that everything will be ok. I hope you and your DH can still enjoy Christmas!
  • sending thoughts and prayers your way.
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  • I will say lots of prayers for you.


  • I'm sorry this is happening. Sending lots of prayers your way, I hope everything is fine.
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  • Prayers to you, and lots of (((hugs)))

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  • Merry Christmas, and we're all sending you loads of prayers and well wishes from our house.

    As for you little miss - we're all anxious to meet you, but not YET.. so don't give your Mommy a hard time! :)

    Hang in there-


  • Oh no!!! How are you feeling this evening. I hope it was just a scare & the little one stays put! Try your best to take it easy. {{{hugs}}}
  • sending lots of prayers and many warm and comforting hugs your way ....
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  • All my good thoughts are headed your way. 
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