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hi - this is my first time posting over here - sorry if this has been asked a thousand times.... but we are looking into international adoption. ?I just began looking up info and it seems like there are a thousand agencies and so many places to adopt from. ?Does anyone have any advise about good international adoption agencies, advice about where to start, or suggestions about countries that are better to look into??? actually any advice at all is completely welcome.... Thanks!

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  • Hey there. We are just starting to research international adoption as well. ?I've been reading the Complete Idiot's Guide to Adoption. ?It is a pretty good resource about adoption in general, but it does not have a ton of info on intl' adoption. ?This board is a great resource! Many people here will refer you to the yahoo groups as well. ?

    Good luck!?

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  • I think it's always helpful to sit down and start really thinking about what you "picture" when you think of your adopted child.  How old will he or she be?  Will he or she look like you?  These basic questions help you narrow your country search down, and then you can start looking at different agencies who run successful programs for the countries which fit your profile.

    Good luck!

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  • We are looking into IA as well. Our first step has been to read "Adoption for Dummies!" It really gives the pros and cons to both DA and IA. We also have an agency that has come highly recommended from family friends, so that is the first place we will start our research in terms of an agency. It really comes down to what you think would be a good fit for your family, and how it would affect your future child. Best of luck, and keep us posted!!
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  • We are in the final stages of adopting twin baby boys from Ethiopia!  We have LOVED our agency, Holt Internation, and I did about a year of research before choosing them.  If you want to know more about timelines, etc., you can check our our adoption blog at

     Good luck!


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