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So I received a copy of the doctors' notes while Marley was in the hospital. Some doctor assessed her to have plagiocephaly which is a mishapened head. That really threw me 'cause I don't think her head is mishapened. I know that she has physical characteristics that pertain to her syndrome- but I am so tired of getting all these negative observations of her appearance. I know doctors have to be nitpicky but I just feel so sensitive about it.

It reminds me of when she was born and the geneticist would make all these random comments about Marley's appearance. Gee, I just love to hear all the ways that my daughter looks abnormal!?


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  • That sucks.  I have gotten that with W.  He has tortocolis, and his geneticist was going on and on about how his face wasn't symmetrical.  Then, his regular pedi and my friend who is a pedi both said- dude if we referred every kid with a little bit of tortocolis to PT, every one of our patients would be going.  So now I am annoyed that the geneticist made such a big freaking deal out of it, and really scared me.  thanks a lot!
  • A doctor's objective assessment is really just an opinion. And often it's not even a smart opinion (I'm an RN Angel so I can say this with some authority). I can see where random comments could really start to wear you down. But, honestly, she is a pretty baby. Look at those gorgeous pink lips and super sweet eyes! She's beautiful and some doctors are dumb....

  • Don't let them get to you!  They don't see the little person, they just see the condition, especially the specialist!  She is a beautiful baby girl.  I used to hate when I would take my DD to the doctor for about a year because she was "failure to thrive"... Seriously, how is my vibrant, loving little girl "failure to thrive"?
  •  That's their job, to nit pick. My daughter had heart surgery at 6 weeks and had to be on her back for 2 months after and developed a flat spot on the back of her head. They recommended a helmet and i refused--it wasn't that bad that such a drastic measure had to be taken---she looks great now and the flat spot is gone....some doctor's that is just their job to make comments even thought some are stupid and unnecessary...!
  • On the contrary, I mentioned my son's flat spot (which is very noticable in every direction even with hair) at each pedi visit after about 4 months b/c it was so noticeable & they told me it was nothing - it'll fix itself.

    FFWD to 2 years old - we're trapsing around to specialists for his ear tag removal & the plastic surgeon asked me if they ever tried a helmet, diagnosed him with the Plagiocephaly & tells me that NO it probably wont ever change. ?He then gave me advice on how to cut his hair....


    I know, he'll be ok. ?Its cosmetic.... but it just blows my mind that they nitpick on some that dont need nitpicking & they blow it off for others.?

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