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WWYD- traveling and CDing

  I LOVE my CDs and am kind of sad to use 'sposies on this trip but I am concerned with packing enough CDs- I feel like I will have to carry a whole extra duffel- for the flight there and back it will cost me @ $40 to carry an extra bag ( each bag is 15-25 one way). 

  I will be traveling from San Diego to Denver (jsut me and DS) and staying 6 days at my BFF's house.  She is totally CD friendly.  She 'sposies her daughter, but she did try CD.  They didn't work out for her.  A small part of me wants to show her how easy it can be- she had no one to give her any support and never figured out how to put the prefolds on (she did a Jillians's drawers trial) etc.  Her family gave her a hard time etc.  Anyhow she would be fine with my washing them at her house.  I can get tushies gel free at her grocery, it just seems easier.  WDYT?  Would you just use the 'sposies?  I feel like they will leak all the time now that I have been using hte leakproof CD routine. 

  Not sur eif it matters but- At home I use GMD prefolds and 6 BG3/2 BG organics plus fitteds with wool cover at night (my leak proof solution to my heavyyyy wetter).  If I do sposies I will bring a wool or fleece cover to put on him at night and in the plane- jsut in case.  I'm thinking the pfs and the fitteds would be easiest to travel with.  I woudl have to bring detergent too : 9  I thought about mailing them but I will need them on the plane and it is costly to mail stuff.  Ugh I hate using sposies it feels so wrong tossing all that- I can't imagine looking at the pile of waste it will create.

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Re: WWYD- traveling and CDing

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    Not that I have any experience with it yet...BUT I imagine the only thing that would stop me from traveling with CDs is not having a place to wash them. I would say take your PFs and 4-6 covers. Put 24 PFs in your suitcase and enough to get you thru the trip there in your carry-on. It doesn't seem to me that 24 flats and a few covers would take up all that much space.

    With that many you should only need to do laundry 2-3 times while you're there. As for detergent you could just buy something when you get there, depending an what you use, and leave it when you go. Or really, if you're only using a small amount for each wash, put some in a travel shampoo bottle or baggie if it's powder.

    If you're checking a bag anyway I'm sure you could manage to fit what you needed between your carry on and checked bag. And space bags REALLY help smoosh in your stuff. DH and I used them on our Honeymoon and I took everything I wanted and they bags still left me room for the stuff we bought on our trip.

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    Well, San Diego to Denver doesn't sound like that long of a trip to bring CD for.  Maybe you could bring the cloth for the time your at your BFF house and check them with your luggage so you don't have to bring an extra bag.  We have to use sposies part time (our daycare doesn't accept cloth) and we use Nature Babycare (gel free) and have NEVER had a leak with them.  We've actually had more leaks with our cloth than them :)
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    I've travelled with CDs several times.  As long as you can work out the baggage thing, I say do it!  I bring a few Tbs of CC in an old Oil of Olay lotion pot, but anything, like a baby food jar or baggie would work.  You need so little, so it doesn't take up much space.  I'd bring your PFs dor day, 2 fitteds for night, and a couple BGs for going out.
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    We recently did a 6 hour drive to visit DH's family.  We used sposies in the car, just because it was easier for us (plus I was worried that we might run out of clean CDs because I had nowhere to wash).  We used cloth the rest of the time.  Obviously we didn't have luggage restrictions, but I would think that PFs wouldn't take up too much space.

    If it was me....I would use sposies for the flight, and CD the rest of the time.

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    get a vacuum save/space saver bag to put the diapers in. it will save a ton of space. i have done a lot of travelling/weekend trips w/DS in 5mo. the worst part is the packing. i have found having them in a vacuum bag helps a lot.
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    Check with your airline. When we traveled with Ethan, even though we didn't buy him a seat on the plane, I was still allowed to bring a diaper bag (in addition to your carry-on and purse) for him. So, I just loaded it up. As long as it fit under the seat we were fine. Just be creative with your carry-ons.
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