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Ooooh man, my poor DH

My DH works at UPS, unloading the planes. They store the packages in a huge container called a can. The cans weigh 5,000 pounds or something huge like that. They put the cans on rollers and roll them into the sorting room. Anyway, this morning someone behind my DH though it would be cool to push the cans fast and one came off the roller and slammed my DH's leg. My DH asked to go sit down and ice it, they gave him a hard time and said he'd have to wait till they were finished, 2+ hours. My DH is waiting at the dr. right now and he would have been home 7 hours ago. I just feel bad for him?image

Re: Ooooh man, my poor DH

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    Aww, I hope he's okay.  If not, I'd be ripping that dumb a$$ a new one.
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    Aww, I hope he's okay.? If not, I'd be ripping that dumb a$$ a new one.

    My DH didn't want to tell them who it was for the report, but they were going to write him up if he didn't tell. He really just feels bad because the guy will probably get fired. But I on the other hand am very pissed off at the idiot.?

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    Workman's Comp.

    Big Time.

    I realy hope his leg is okay.  I really do.  But if it's not, you all should definately stick to your guns and get the comp. while he's down.

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    Gah, poor your DH ... sounds like its painful.  I hope he gets better soon. 

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    I understand that he probably doesn't want to get the guy fired, but doing stuff like that has no place in a work place like that :  I feel for him, but that was dumb.
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    Ditto pp.  That guy could really hurt someone doing stuff like that.
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    Ummm, it was really wrong for them to tell your DH he could not sit down and ice his leg. I hope he is ok.
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