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when will this excrutiating pain end??? tmi

My nipples are fvcken killing me.  I'm here crying :(  I thought all these symptoms were supposed to be over by now.  I feel like someones scrapping them with sandpaper and then pouring vinegar over them :(  ANything I can do to make it stop?

Re: when will this excrutiating pain end??? tmi

  • ouch....try moisturizer???
  • Bio Oil? I use it for my stomach which I can see a big difference, maybe it'll help you. GL!

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  • OMG finally someone knows what I am talking about!  I get the same thing when I get a chill, it is so painful it takes my breath away...and I am here in Ontario Canada where it has been so damn cold since the second week of November, and I walk to work..  When it happens II have been rubbing cream on them, helps a bit..



  • yes, its terrible.  it was happening alot in the beginning but I thought those were just 1st tri symptoms.  but the last couple of days its been happening again & it goes on for hours :(  My nipples are so hard and painful... I will try to rub some lotion on them :( 

  • I'm not as far along as you, but I do get serious pain occasionally, especially when I get cold.  No advice, just wanted to commiserate!
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  • Try lanolin nipple cream (the stuff you might use when breastfeeding).
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  • Definitely try the Lansinoh lanolin cream.  You can find it with breastfeeding supplies.  A small tube will last forever.  It was a staple in my house when I was pregnant and really helped with painful or itchy nips during pregnancy.
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