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Jillians Drawers Trial Question?

So, after the Holidays I plan on trying out the $10 Jillian Drawers trial for my 18 month old son. But I'm worried about his poos. I know if they are peanut buttery, I need to scoop it in the toilet, then flush and kind of swoosh the poopy part in the toilet as it goes down - but, what about the more runny ones? They can't really be "scooped" out. So do I just flush and put the diaper down in the water and then throw it in a waste basket till they are ready to wash?

Also, I want to try one of the diapers for overnight. What combination should I use with what they provide? He's a super heavy wetter (even leaking out of overnight disposable now!)



Re: Jillians Drawers Trial Question?

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    Soupy poops can go in the washing machine just like ebf poo. Just make sure you're doing an initial cold rinse to get the bulk of stuff out before you do the actual wash cycle. Also, with pb poos, I don't swish. I've only ever swished a diaper once and it was a diahrea (that is not spelled right) that happened at my gmil's house and I didn't want it sitting in my wet bag like that all day. For pb poo, I just scrap the bulk out with a plastic knife and the rest goes in the washer. Everything comes out clean and my washer is perfectly clean.

    The less work you can do the better!

    For overnight - I don't remember what comes in the new trial but I'd start with two full size mf inserts and see how it holds. If you need more you could throw the newborn bg insert in there as well or do 3 full size inserts. I find that my cd's hold way better than disposables for overnight. Even when he's super soaks, I still generally only end up with damp clothes as opposed to a flooded bed like I used to get with disposables. 

    Good luck!

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    From what they sent with my trial, we used the BG with both inserts for nighttime. At the time that worked fine for my DD. However, we couldn't get by with just 2 microfiber inserts now and I wouldn't be surprised if you'll need more for an 18 month old. You might stuff another microfiber insert in there (like the one that comes with your Fuzzibunz). Be aware this will make it bulky though. Or you could pick up some microfiber towels from the automotive section at Target. We got a 12 pack for cheap and they're great for doublers. That way you'd still have your extra insert to use with your diapers. If he's a really heavy wetter, you'll probably want to end up adding some hemp into the mix (but obviously hemp doesn't come with the trial).

    As far as the poo, just scrape it off as best you can.

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