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I don't know what to do...

So, this is a silly dilemma. The hubby and I decided not to exchange presents this year. We are doing a long weekend @ Disney instead. However, last night I found a small wrapped yet unlabeled present under the tree. I don't know how it got there but my instinct is that my my hubby put it there and that its for me. I could be wrong but what if I'm not? This explains where the extra piece of wrapping paper I was looking for went last night.

So, what do I do now? I got him a pretty sweet card but no gift.... WWYD?

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Re: I don't know what to do...

  • my dh and i are not exchanging gifts this yr either, times are tough, and we budgeted only gifts for mady this yr.

    we instead are only getting each other a stocking stuffer. i don't know what he got me, but i got him 2 movie tickets, date night seems much more adequate this year than gift giving :)

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  • We are not exchanging gifts this year (we put the money towards buying kids in need gifts this year) but I still bought him stuff -lol

    I wouldn't worry about it! Just give him the card you wwere planning on giving him.

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  • If you really feel the need to buy him something, how about a stocking stuffer... movie tickets sound great!  I like getting Dh the latest CD / DVD.  He loves U2, so this yr I got him the latest U2 DVD - Under the Blood Red Sky.

    Otherwise, from my exprience, guys aren't big on gifts like women are... I truly don't think he'd mind.

    -- Jackie
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  • We are also not exchanging gifts this year. I would stick with giving him the card. Is there a candy he loves, maybe give him that too? Hopefully he kept his end in the agreement and that gift under the tree isn't for you. I mean it could be for the cats right? LOL
  • Dh and I are not exchanging gifts this year either, because we just got back from our anniv trip to Europe. I am probably getting him just a little stocking stuffer just in case he decides to get me something. I'm pretty sure your card will do though. Maybe you can throw in a lotto ticket, or one of hose scratch off games that way you can both win big.
  • I you would feel like a Scrooge if he got you something and you didn't get him anything, even if those were the rules, buy him a little something, wrap it, stick it under your bed and IF that present is for you, whip it out.  If it's not - return it pronto!
  • i would be guilty of the same thing....we have done that a few times, and I always get him something.  Last year it was a book he wanted...nothing big.  However, you would be off the hook if you didn't get him anything.

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