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How do you wean a bf'ed baby to whole milk?

How do I make the transition? Do I replace a nursing and offer him the milk even if he doesn't like it? Do kids eventually like milk een if they don't in the beginning?

Re: How do you wean a bf'ed baby to whole milk?

  • Is Nate used to periodically drinking from a bottle or sippy? I say just slowly do it. Replace one of his usually nursing/BM sessions (however you give it to him) with a sippy or bottle of whole milk and see how he does.

    Sophia did not react to whole milk. She went from BM to Formula to Whole Milk without ever noting a difference....almost as if it was the same thing to her. Nate could possibly be the same. If not, then just keep slowly offering it to him and eventually he should acquire a taste for it.

    Does he like yogurt?

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  • he never gets a bottle and sometimes will drink water out of a sippy ( and usually his drinkin source of choice LOL).

    yes, he does like yogurt, I pray he takes onto milk (unlike his brother who didn't wean until he was nearly 3). I really want to have another baby in the near futur but my boobs and body deserve a break first!

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  • Oh good! Then you can prolly go straight to the sippy and not have the extra task of weaning off a bottle. I would just bite the bullet and start offering him milk in a sippy with his breakfast or lunch - a little at a time. See how he likes it. He is the second so he probably already sees Sebby doing it and wants to be grown up like him. I bet it will go a lot smoother than you think.

    I think your bewbs deserve a medal of valor. :-) Hopefully you are able to send them to Maui on vacation before the next little one arrives.

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  • i did not replacve it with nursing per se...i would just give it to him with meals and nothing else (no water) and at first he was like wtf? but then he grew to love it. so after we got that established was when i started giving him more milk and less mommy milk :) we cut out mid day nursing session slowly...and then like every 2 weeks would cut out another feeding till we were down to 0. good luck!
  • Like Beth, I didn't replace the nursing with milk exactly.  I started dropping feedings or spacing them out more based on his signals (mostly) while making sure that he was having plenty of meals during the day (with milk). I did the "don't offer, don't refuse" method, and it worked well for us, starting at about 16 months and ending at just under 19 months.  When we started, he was only nursing three times/day--morning, naptime and bedtime.

    I noticed that his morning feeding was more of a struggle each day, so I just didn't offer it one day.  And that day, he was perfectly satisfied to just get up, get dressed, and have breakfast.  So that was the end of the morning feeding. 

    The naptime feeding was hardest, but it went before the nighttime feeding due to my schedule.  I ended up making sure he took a nap right after lunch, so he could carry his sippy cup (of milk usually, but sometimes water) up to the bedroom with us and take some sips as I read him a book and sang him a song before his nap.  Sometimes he cried himself to sleep, which was in contrast to falling asleep nursing.  That hurt me a bit but I got over it. And sometimes I wasn't around so whoever put him down for his nap followed the same schedule, and he got used to it pretty quick.

    The nighttime feeding went last, and he was on and off for a few days there, but I never offered a sippy cup instead of breastmilk at night or morning or any feedings but naptime.

  • no advice, but good luck to you!!

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