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CDers- ?s re detergent, inserts, overnights

I've been lurking for a while and have learned SO much about cding from all of you, so thanks!  I have some more questions and am hoping you can help this cd newbie.

I ordered five different pocket diapers (BG, Mommy's Touch, HH, FB, and Knickernappies) to help me decide which ones we want to go with.  I love the HH because they seem trim and narrower, but worried they won't fit DD til she's potty trained.  Also love the BG, but I don't think we want velcro.  I think FB is the winner because of the snaps and bc the rise seems longer.  DD is 25" and 13.5 lbs at 3 months and has a long rise, so these seem to work well.  Anyone else have a long-waisted LO?  What works for you?

So finally my questions:

1. Does anyone use Costco's Kirkland Free and Clear detergent?  I'm using Purex F&C and it's working, but if we can use our regular clothing detergent for diapers that'd be even better.  I checked out the detergent chart that's been posted a few times, but didn't see Kirkland's on there.

2. Do you prefer hemp or micro-terry inserts? sells FBs with the micro inserts, or upgrade to hemp for $2.50/insert.  Wondering if it's worth the cost to go with hemp.

3. What diaper do you use for overnight?  How many/what inserts?

Sorry this got so long.  Thanks for any insight!

Re: CDers- ?s re detergent, inserts, overnights

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    I have a long and lean LO.  We like Blueberries best!  I definitely would get hemp over microfiber.  I've used Planet and Tide on our diapers without problems.
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    I love blueberries (that's the bulk of our stash) but for a long rise baby I would go with GADs.  They have a long rise option.  As for inserts I like a microfiber/hemp combo.  My favorite is the blueberry one size insert.  Just remember to always put the microfiber up, hemp on bottom. 

    Detergent I use the same for diapers and regular clothes.  We use Crunchy Clean detergent.  I've also used Mrs. Meyers and loved it.  Crunchy clean can be bought at or

    For overnight my favorite are the windpro fleece GADs.  Super bulletproof. 


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