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OMG his G-tube fell out and need surgery again!!

Cody had his surgeries yesterday evening. A housr later the Dr. said his G-tube fell out because as it was healing the hole was opening up more than it should. So they put a few stitches to make the hole in his stomach smaller. The surgeon said that because of this, when he eats the milk may leak out of his stomach where the stitches are if it doesn't heal properly again. If this does happen  they will have to sew up that hole and do another surgery in another spot on his tummy and put a new feeding tube in. So they are watching this carefully and we are praying he wont have to have another surgery.
 He also had the PICC line put in surgically in the middle of his chest. Now he will be getting all his antibiotics through this line and they can now draw blood for his lab work through this too. This eliminates any more needles poking him.

Re: OMG his G-tube fell out and need surgery again!!

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