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What is your child obsessed with?

My daughter, 20 months, is obsessed with DORA. She used to love the Baby Einstein dvd's and then it switched to Dora and I'm not sure how. But, she wants to watch her ALL the time. I usually let her watch a Dora dvd one time during the day and then once at night before bed at 7, then Diego at 7:30. Anyway, all I hear all day is "I watch Dora, Dora, Dora....." starting to drive me crazy!

She also has a stuffed dog and duck that are her best friends. They go everywhere with her and if we ever lose one, we're in BIG TROUBLE!

Re: What is your child obsessed with?

  • My 23 month old son loves Diego.  Now we limit him to 2 shows a day...he would watch it all day if we let him!  His love of Diego has gotten so extreme that now when he is struggling to do something, climb on the couch etc., he calls for Diego!  Right now I am listening to him on the monitor- he should be napping--and he is saying, "clap, clap, clap!" and "hola".  I guess there are worse things he could be obsessed with!!!



  • Thomas the train. Ugh! lol He is learning new emotions which is nice though. And having him say furious is very funny.
  • Little Einsteins, or as she calls it "Rocket!". It's actually a pretty cute show, but man, she wants it ALL. THE. TIME!
  • My 17 month old is obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Little Einsteins.. if i need to get something done alli have to do is turn it on.. I knwo that is bad but damn i would get nothing done if i didn't
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!!! All I hear all day is " I watch Mooska Mickey Mouse please!!"?
  • Ugg!! The Doodlebops! ?"I wanna wa da dabbies" is what I hear constantly. ?(I wanna watch the dabbies (doodlebops).


    Besides that, she isn't really too into any one thing. ??

  • Obviously my DD is too little to be quite as animated about anything, but she loves Blues Clues.  It's on at 7am and the second that the music starts her head whips around like The Exorcist and she starts kicking and bouncing with a huge grin on her face.  At least it's a cute show, and not something like Barney...at least I hope she keeps on this stuff.  I'm almost afraid to let anyone else around her in case they teach her about the other shows when she gets older.
  • dora diego and scooby
  • DD loves dogs and cats of any sort. Walking through the pet food aisle takes us forever! She has to fawn over every box with a cat/dog on the label!

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  • My son is a huge dora and diego fan too but lately he has been obsessed with this new leap frog video called The Letter Factory!  I do what you do...my son only watches Dora and Diego at night before bed.
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  • Two things: her Fischer-Price Little People and books.  The kid would read all day if I would be willing to sit and read that many stories to her.  Oh, and her blankie.  She only gets it in bed, but now she's started asking if she can take a nap just so she can snuggle with it for a little while. 
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