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Ikea bedding & toddler beds

I thought I saw a post here a few weeks back on Ikea bedding but I can't find it. My question is - does anyone have it and how is the quality? Thinking of getting it for the toddler bed.

 Also, what toddler bed do you have for your child and do you love it? The prices range so much and I want a sturdy bed but not necessary to spend a ton of money.

Re: Ikea bedding & toddler beds

  • We've been on the hunt for a toddler bed.  We mostly look on craigslist.  I don't want to spend much bc DS prob wont use it long.  We may skip it all together and go to a twin.  I have a duvet (twin) from IKEA (no cover yet) and it feels like paper or cotton balls...very very light.  It would be okay for a toddler with a cover, I'd think. 
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  • My son (age 2) still sleeps in his crib, but we recently bought this bed for him:  http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/S39847516has.  It's an extendable bed, so right now, it's set for a toddler, but it will extend to a full-size length.   It was one of the pricier ones at IKEA, but compared to other stores, it seemed like a great price.  It seems real sturdy and my son seems comfy when he's in it, like to read books or whatever :-) .  We also bought the matching dresser, which I love!
  • I posted about Ikea's crib bedding the other day and no one responded saying that they had any of their crib/toddler beddin, but some posters had regular bedding that they liked.  I'm going to check it out in person but I'm pretty sure I will be giving it the go for a gender neutral nursery (if that is what we need to do)!
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