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How irresponsible was this nurse?

I just found out something from DH about the day that Drake was born - almost 18 months ago.  I'm a bit in shock.  First a little background;

As I've mentioned, at birth, Drake's esophagus ended in a blind pouch and his stomach attached to his trachea.  Also there was an opening in the common wall shared by his esophagus and trachea right below his vocal chords.  When Drake came out he had a very hard time breathing and it seemed like an eternity before I heard a very raspy little cry.  They took him out of the room almost without letting me see him but the doctor yelled at the nurse to let me kiss him first.  

Now to the part that was inappropriate.  DH followed the nurse and at this time he had already seen Drake's mal-formed right hand.  He asked her several times what was wrong and one time she said "Well he's obviously having a hard time breathing.  It looks like he has Down Syndrome."  What!!!  Did that "RN" on her nametag suddenly turn into an "MD"??  And when did she have the time to do testing to make this diagnosis??  I believe that one of the physical signs is a larger forehead but did she even look at DH and me?  It's kind of a family trait.

Please understand that if we do find out that Drake has Down Syndrome in the future I will still love him the same and take care of him like I am now.  I'm just pretty sure that a diagnosis like this isn't made while walking out of the delivery room!  Even our OT said that those signs usually don't show up until later.

Sorry this is so long.  I had to vent to someone that would understand ignorance where it shouldn't be allowed!  Thanks for reading!

Re: How irresponsible was this nurse?

  • very inappropriate! ?i'd be ticked! ?i've never heard/read of a large forehead being a trait of Down syndrome(ryan has Downs). ?have you had blood tests done? ?mosaic Down syndrome could be an option as your child doesn't really "look" like he has it.
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  • when my son was in the nicu, we were on our way back from him having a colostomy done and I asked if the genetic testing had come back, she had said not yet but then said "he does have a small chin you know so that could mean that he may have something" i was appalled, i couldn't believe that she said that- and by the way, my son was only 4lbs 5oz so of course he has a small chin- he's small everywhere. sometimes they just don't think about how a parent may react.


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