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bmf8140 is in L&D

As you may know, bmf8140 wasn't feeling too great today (flu-like). ?She felt worse after getting settled at home after work and called her doc after realizing that she hadn't felt Bennett moving for a while. They told her to come in to L&D if she didn't feel him for an hour. ?She didn't feel him in that hour so they went in and she was hooked up to the monitor. She said his heart rate was good, but he still wasn't moving much and she's still not dialated. ?

She just called in the middle of me typing this and said they will more than likely be keeping her over night as they are pumping fluids in her and have given her tylenol with codene as well as potassium. ?

Please keep her and Bennett in your thoughts and I'll be sure to update as soon as I hear something else. ?You ladies have been such a good support system for her through this journey to motherhood!?

Re: bmf8140 is in L&D

  • Oh my!! Please tell her that I am thinking of her and Bennett!!!

    Thanks for keeping us updated!!!

  • I hope all is well.  I will be thinking of her and Bennett.  Please keep us updated. 
  • Please let her know we are thinking about her & Bennett and sending prayers.
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  • Oh wow, I didn't know.  Thanks for letting us all know Rachel.  Please give us an update as you get them.  Prayers for Beth and Bennett!
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  • Any updates?  Keeping Beth & baby Bennett in my thoughts...
  • Thank you for letting us know what is going on. I will be thinking about both of them and hopefully some rest and hydration will be just the key to perk little Bennett back up.
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